the gay gay jew (unappropriate) wrote,
the gay gay jew


i just remembered the first time i ever heard the word "behoove". i don't remember the exact context, except that it was in my 6th grade art class and i was probably fucking around with something i oughtn't, and mrs. shaw told me that "it would behoove you to not do that".

i had never heard the word before, and thus had no idea what she was talking about, and so thought she'd actually said "it would be hoo of you to not do that".

which still didn't answer what it meant to be "hoo". i mean, i figured it meant something approximating "good", or at least "calm", but that was all i had. it wasn't till somewhere in the middle of highschool that i heard the word "behoove" again and finally put the pieces together.

mrs. shaw was also the first person (and, now that i think about it, the last too) i ever heard use the word "bruhaha". so, you know, go mrs. shaw!
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