the gay gay jew (unappropriate) wrote,
the gay gay jew

another dream

dreamt last night that i was best friends with leighton meester (mind you, leighton meester - not blair waldorf), and we were out to coffee somewhere and the table of girls next to us, they were all just plotzing, "oh my god is it?" "look who it is" "no way" and me n' leighton just giggled and ran off.

and no, she does not know when the eleanor character might be returning to the series.

in other news, cuz there's always other news, i'm being very patient waiting for the new lady gaga video ("bad romance", introduced to me by jermo (who i actually see now! once a month, sure, but it's more than the every-year-or-two that we'd been averaging!)) to premiere on the lady gaga website.

i'm not a huge gaga fan. despite her affinity for avant-garde couture, i don't like her all that much as a person. her videos have gotten better (compare, from a visual standpoint, "just dance" to "paparazzi"), but her music, for the most part, is blah (and that "disco stick" song is irredeemably awful), however. what i like of hers, i love, because when she's good? she's amazing. and "bad romance" might be her most amazing song yet.
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