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childhood for sale, part i-lost-track

holy crap, you guys, the farm is for sale!!!!!

i don't even know how many times i've told the stories about that place. the years that the old man painting now in my living room hung on the wall there. snowmobiling in the winter, the summer i spent working there as a groundsman when i was 15 or 16, the time ryan and i drove out and sat on the porch and he played guitar. my first kiss with my first boyfriend happened late one night on the dock on the water course (it's not actually a farm farm so much as a horse-and-carriage competitive course - dad's family has been involved in horse stuff for generations. true story, my great grandfather otto (the one whose dying words were a racist statement) was a horse trainer, and actually owned the original 'silver' from 'the lone ranger' tv show)), and now it's being sold.

sort of mind-blowing. i mean, technically it's not "the farm" anymore - my uncle gary built a house on the property and, when he's in michigan, that's his fulltime residence, so really it's his. but even though the original house is now "the guest quarters" and when we do have family functions there, while still referred to as "the farm," they're at gary's house, it's still in a way "ours."

or at least it was. because it's sold.

(the first picture on the link is the original house with the attached carriage barn. all the interior photos though are of the house gary built (the exterior of which is photo 8) across the driveway. which is just as well, really - i haven't been inside the original house in years, but since it's now the guesthouse, i'm guessing it doesn't look too much the same anyway. also, the front gates are really much prettier in person than in the photos.)
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