the gay gay jew (unappropriate) wrote,
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google streetview in the hometown

finally, google streetview has come to my sundry hometowns! too bad it's hard to get a good angle, but look! the house i was born in!

and here's (sort of) the house i grew up in!

and (again, sort of) mom's house in michigan!

and a quirky house i'd totally forgotten about but used to be in love with! and that one i'm still mad my parents didn't buy with the bomb shelter and secret passage! and the aretha franklin house that's not on *half* the hill i remembered it being!

i can't believe it took as long as it did to get all these images uploaded to google, cuz unless something very strange was going on, these images were captured back around halloween.
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See, on that "quirky house" you and I have exactly the same taste. I'd live there in a second!
it's the whimsy. :D
Sadly, my childhood home isn't up on street view, yet.
give it time - google will take over the world yet. :)
Wow, I wouldn't even recognize the Puritan house. Is that just a facelift or did they completely remodel? Also, you can only see the hill on the Shellmarr house (which I guess was home to a lot of memories in and of itself). And that's a weird angle of Mom's house, it makes it look dwarfed between what were actually two smaller houses.


February 17 2010, 03:51:42 UTC 7 years ago Edited:  February 17 2010, 03:52:19 UTC

ours, the babaoffs' and the binnos' were all actually right around the same size - just different shapes. actually, i think the binnos' house might have been bigger. :) and you can't see the shellmarr house even in real life - the trees have grown full enough that they obscure the house from the street nearly entirely.

i'm not sure what the inside is like on the puritan house (linda would probably know, and i'd have no basis for comparison anyway since my memories are limited to a few select squares of floor.). but the roofline was raised in one place, the windows on the second floor were changed to come up above the edge of the roof, and a second story was added on to the garage.