the gay gay jew (unappropriate) wrote,
the gay gay jew

on rekindling

alipi was in town this evening, and i just got home from drinks. i can't even describe how great it was to spend time with him. the last time i'd seen him was just over two years ago - he was in town for a wedding, and we walked around cambridge and then got drinks at sister sorel and the living room.

before that, i saw him the day before he moved to nashville maybe something like less than a year earlier.

he had been living in nashville, and when he moved to seattle, i never got his new number. it was my own fault that we'd sort of drifted, and while we're facebook friends, we'd not actually spoken, well, since he was in town that time two years ago.

so tonight we had drinks. and it was immediately comfortable, and made me miss him that much more. which is strange, to miss a person who is sitting right next to you, but there it is. our friendship happened fast: at first he was the guy dating that_cad's friend andy (nee buko, nee abe). but then they broke up, and alipi was friends with tony and suddenly alipi and i were forging our own friendship and while it really only lasted a summer, we became very close very quickly, and then suddenly he moved to nashville and that was that.

so to meet up again... there wasn't even catching up. which some might find odd, but the truth is, it was like we didn't even need to - we met, and started talking and no time had passed. that is what a friend is.

i have no idea when i'll see him next. but i'm already looking forward to it, and missing him like crazy in the meantime.
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