the gay gay jew (unappropriate) wrote,
the gay gay jew

decade's eve

if i recall correctly, new years 2000 was the one when bob and i ran down main street, drunk off our rockers and screaming "bram stoker's dracula" quotes at each other, laughing hysterically and, losing grip on the paper bag, smashed a half-full bottle of vodka all over the sidewalk. jeremy and tiffany and paul and i can't even remember who all else, keely and carrie i'm sure and brian maybe, it's all a blur now, were all there at jean's house where we drank beforehand and ran down to the intersection at midnight to watch the ball rise at the hotel.

i remember fireworks (i always remember fireworks), and i remember music and i remember kissing everyone around me. we went back to jean's house and for a good long while i made out with a very long-standing crush and then went downstairs to vomit all over the entry to beyond words bookshop. i remember livia walked by and saw me and i was chipper despite my condition, and at some point i got home and to bed and i woke up the next morning in the first decade of a new century.

i remember that night, and it was so fantastic and fun and just so full of joy, so spilling over with the excitement of life, "alive"ness coursing through our veins. but i also remember who i was back then, a lot of things i don't feel like remembering just now, a lot of things i can't forget regardless of how much i might want to, and yes i was constantly changing back then, but there's only so far you can go when you're already in a ditch of your own digging.

how will we say "2010"? will we call it "two thousand ten"? "twenty-ten"? simply "ten" the way we would have referred to "97" or "85"? the weather has rendered tonight's plans up in the air, so i'm not sure where i'll be when the clock strikes midnight and ushers in a new trick for the tongue. but i do know that, for better or worse, the first decade of the new century was one that fostered betterment and growth. it provided insight and understanding, positivity and clarity, and so regardless of however we might call it, i for one cannot wait to find out what happens next.

happy new year, everybody. you've been a part of me always, and i love you.
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