the gay gay jew (unappropriate) wrote,
the gay gay jew

wherein umass brings the dramz. again. some more.

y'all ready for some shit? file this one away with the rapidly- and ever-growing collection of things that only happen to me.

so there's a crapload of backstory involving inadvertantly withdrawing and re-enrolling and work schedules and the like, but that's all just leading up to this next thing. so there are two elements at play here. first, all of the high-level english classes have two prerequisites. one of them i got equivalency credit for from the BAC, and i was waived out of the other.

for some reason, despite these credits being in the system, there is a glitch that happens where, any time i try to register for a high-level class, i get an error saying that i am missing pre-reqs, so someone in the english department has to do a manual hold override and enroll me for me. the people in the english department are the only ones who have the authority to do the override of the pre-req block.

now, i was also, as you'll recall, on academic suspension last semester. because of that, i have an academic hold on my account (which will be automatically lifted once my gpa goes back up, which it should at the end of this semester), and so to register for classes, i have to go through a woman in the undergrad education office, and she signs me up for the classes i want. she is the only one who has the authority to override the academic hold.

so where we stand now is, the people in the english department can't enroll me because of the academic hold, but the woman in the undergrad education office can't enroll me because of the pre-req block. now, logically what should happen is that the woman in the undergrad education office would temporarily lift the academic hold so that the people in the english office could do the pre-req override and enroll me in my class, after which the woman in the UE office would reinstate the academic hold.

i've been told to give them a week to figure this out. i'll be surprised if it happens in that short amount of time.

on the upside, and since people have been asking, if everything goes as it ought with the registrations, after spring 2010 i'll only have three, possibly four classes total (two for the major, one spanish and the science credit i'm still fighting to have transferred over)left till i can graduate! so, you know, that's pretty great.
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