the gay gay jew (unappropriate) wrote,
the gay gay jew

feed overload

i'm sorry, did goodbandnames get written up in an article somewhere or something? mostly silent for at least a year and then suddenly in the last day and a half it's exploding.

in other news, cuz there's always other news (huh. haven't said that in a while), the surgery went as planned. my vision is near perfect now, and though my eyes get tired if i stare at something (see: computer screen) for too long, i'm all good! i have to put drops in four times a day for the next week and for the same duration i have to tape protective plastic guards over my eyes to keep from rubbing my eyes in my sleep and *shudder* loosening my flaps, but the covers are surprisingly non-invasive in terms of comfort - it's just that the tape leaves gluey residue on your face that does not come off.

not so fun.

but again, it's only for a week, i'll survive. woot!
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