the gay gay jew (unappropriate) wrote,
the gay gay jew

so that's a No then.

so i got my pre-approval notice, and the verdict is... no.

which is fine, my fingers haven't been crossed in a few days. i mean, i was approved for a rather decent amount, but y'all were quite right: in the end, it was the taxes that put it over the top. the upside is, of course, now i know how much i really do need to make (because while i would use the trusts for the downpayment, the monthly payments would come from my paycheck) at my job for this to become a reality.

and i'm still a bit more than a few years off.

so now i know, no harm no foul, as they say, and we move on! i called my agent to let her know the situation and also to apologize for taking her time on what was to end up a null venture, and she was understanding and i promised to recommend her to anyone i knew who might be in the market (seriously, you guys, she was awesome, and once i'm eventually back in the market (because it's the end of a chapter, not the book), i'm looking her up without hesitation), and... that's that!

anyone have any good (local) LASIK specialist recommendations?
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